At Sabarmathi Gurukulam, students are imparted not only with education, but also the values and importance of their Gurus, the teachers and the fellow human beings, or should I say living beings. They are taught to respect and work under the guidance of their lecturers. It is an academy with difference. Gurukulams are not new to us. Our history is rich with tales about them. Our Sabarmathi follows the same principle, taught under the shades of trees, in a vast open area, filled with flora and fauna, and built in just the perfect place for all our pupils,volunteers and visitors. There are no norms on the fees and donations, there will be no demand for them either. Students MAY pay how much ever possible by them, given their financial status. Also the fees (Guru dakshina) may not always be in the form of currency, it could also be the work (at the fields nearby or at the kitchen or the library or by simply keeping the study place clean) that the students can perform within their limits. By this, they learn to take responsibility and foster leadership skills. They can either volunteer or opt for a part time. We are flexible to choices, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their studies.

Amidst the natural environment, away from the busy roads, our minds are relaxed and develops our grasping control too. We do have a library filled with all the books needed for the current period’s competitive exams for all the Government posts and also for the IT companies that ask for an entrance test.
We will also be having an open air theater that airs critically acclaimed films and documentaries that either inspires or invokes the students to do the right thing.

A musical beginning at Sabarmathi...
We are proud to announce our 4th dream come true moment here at Sabarmathi! (The first 3 being, Academy, Organic Farming and Tuition)
Parai or Thappu are one of the many types of ancient drums used in South India especially Tamil Nadu. This is also one of the symbol of Tamil culture. This drum is played in all kind of festivals, funerals, marriages and it is even considered to invoke the Temple deities. Now the event of how this ancient drum came into Sabarmathi is an interesting story.
Rathnavel, assistant director, has been insisting on starting this at Sabarmathi for the past 4 months, but then to start such a wonderful journey, interest alone was not enough! It required money as well, and as such we have these other 3 entities running which has been draining out all the man power and has also been keeping us financially tight. Rathnavel, who, by now lost his patience, volunteered to pay for these drums with the help of his friends who were interested in donating. Since it sounded like a good deal, this was agreed upon. Even before his friend gave him the donation, our super enthusiastic Rathnavel, ordered around 10 of these parai drums and 1 ordinary drum. These summed up to around Rs 35000/-
Here comes the twist in the story. The friend who promised to donate had just Rs 5000/- in his mind. In the meanwhile , the order was ready in Madurai and the responsibility of the payment again landed on Sabarmathi. Now , both Rathnavel and his friend cannot be blamed , they were just trying to help. When these thoughts were being deeply discussed, our luck came in disguise of 2 phone calls. One from Prabhu (who decided to give Rs 50,000/-) and then from Nithiyanandham ( Rs 25,000) . These were actually the “gift money” for Gunasekaran’s ( Sabarmathi’s founder) wedding. Since he decided against any gifts for the wedding, this money was now considered donation to Sabarmathi (with both Prabhu’s and Nithi’s permission). Not only could we pay for the drums, we also had extra to purchase 30 fire extinguishers. Thus began another wonderful and integral projects of Sabarmathi…

To everyone who has given us timely help, you will always stay in our hearts. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone.

சபர்மதி கலை குழு

வெற்றிகரமாக நமது நான்காவது கனவு (அகாடமி, இயற்கை விவசாயம், டியூஷன்…) சபர்மதியில் தொடங்கியது…

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