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3 days ago


December month SADHANA meeting update from our Smile volunteer Saravanan 😊👍🏼

Day 1:
After a 2 months gap we started 1st day of December month meeting very enthusiastically... In the Morning session we had Time and Distance class from 10 am to 1 pm.. After completing the session, there was a lunch break for 1 hour.. So, from 2 pm to 5 pm we had an interaction class among the students as an afternoon session to build their internal skill... Thus first day went well..

Day 2:
The second day continued with a good start of morning session with seating arrangements and directions from 10am to 1pm..And then after the lunch break the afternoon session was puzzle solving and story telling by the students.. Day 2 completed with the students feedback..
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Hi All,
we have two requests for financial help.

First, one, we had received 800+ used Tabs (without its charger) from a software company in Hyderabad with the help of Sumithra Nachiappan (one of our smile member). So We have planned to use them in various ways
1. For aptitude test, model test for TNPSC, UPSC, banking at Sabarmati academy,
2. Ebooks, learning for school kids etc
As of now, We bought 10 more chargers and we have charged around 150+ Tabs and using them now. As the Tabs are an older version, we cannot be used the USB charger. So we need an older version of chargers (the one we used for old Nokia phones). To start charging and using the remaining Tabs, we need to buy more chargers. The budget for this is coming around 5k. Please let us know if you wish to sponsor for this. As the general contribution to SMILE account is mostly used for Valluvan Padasalai and Sadhana expenses, we wanted to check for sponsors for this.
The second one, In Sadhana-15, we have a student studying MBBS in Stanley medical college. It's a genuine request and we decided to take care of his tuition plus hostel fees which come around 40k. It was agreed that smile will provide 30k per year and we got sponsor instantly. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the continued support from the sponsor. As it is a huge amount, we are finding a way to fill this. We paid 17k already in this year and need 13k more before January to pay the remaining fees. And we need the support for 4th and 5th year. Please let Rajesh or Vasu know if you wish to sponsor. Any partial sponsor would also be helpful. Please ask your friends circle too. If any further details are needed about the student, please message or call this number.
Rajesh - 9442720260

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1 week ago


Very much happy to share the news article about Valluvan Padasalai in Indian Express - Coimbatore edition.
Aranganathan and Team - You deserve more 😊👍🏼
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3 weeks ago


#SMILEGajaReliefUpdate #Day3 #ContinuousEfforts #StrongTeam
The Schedule sheet is attached along with the pictures, and if you carefully observe yesterday's and today's schedule, we have been promoted from being just any NGO to being recognized as SMILE team!
And here is another feather in our hats, the two of our students from Sabarmathi Gurukulam, training for TNPSC will be leading the 2 teams.

Issue Addressed : Water clogging
Areas Targeted : Azad Nagar and Marudangaval.

Team A : Group of 40, led by Yugendran, will head to Azad Nagar, to clean the area! This is another awakening call, given by the nature, to warn us about the encroachment on the water bodies. Our greed for land has pushed us to solicit these areas as well.

Team B : Another team of 40 led by Prakash, will head to Marudangaval. This is located in the outskirts. There are many homes close to the railway tracks and so far no one has been able to do anything for this particular area to help clear the water logs. Prakash and his team will help drain this area and make it accessible and clear the pathways.
Progress on these two areas will be given in the next update.

Regarding the zeal of the students, it has to be mentioned that they are doing an outstanding job and giving their best. For the past 2 days, there was a slight delay in reaching the destination. It is natural and obvious due to the huge numbers. The time to perform the morning ablations, getting ready and having food etc., eats up few extra hours. Last night we called in for a meeting to address this issue and all the students unanimously voted to reduce all that time even though these are essential and unavoidable! None of them argued back about disturbing or interrupting their personal space (for food etc), they simply consented to form a separate team who would take care of the food and bring it to the work location, so that atleast a part of the team can go on time and start doing the cleaning activities. Most of the student volunteers are Government job aspirates and if these kind of leaders and helpers, take our country into their control, then there is no turning back! It would become a dream country. We are very proud of each and everyone of you ! Keep it going guys!
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Few more joining us from CBE MIMC Team (My India My Creation) ... See MoreSee Less

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